Reach the target audience that matters most.

One of the hardest parts of publishing an open letter, is getting your voice heard. By connecting your email contact list we can send a direct email in bulk to as many people as you see fit. This way, your voice can reach as far as possible. If you verify and attach your social media profiles to our platform, you also have the choice to post your letter directly onto your other accounts.

Help you make real change.

One of the most difficult parts of publishing an open letter and call to action is seeing change. Signing petitions is a social act that has been around for centuries, and the reason being, it worked. One of the fastest ways to see change from your open letter is to verify your LinkedIn account. By verifying your LinkedIn account we offer a signature measure that can help you make change happen in real time.

See how your letter affects people.

Once your letter is published we offer detailed analytics that will show you in real time the amount of views it has, likes and dislikes as well as an agree/disagree counter. This way you can see how your letter affects the people viewing it. Messages from people you accept will be seen, and in private. If someone wishes to respond to your letter directly to you, you will have the choice to accept or deny that request.

Give you tools to optimize your writing before publishing.

We understand that it might take some time to get that letter perfect. We offer a dated archiving service that allows you to save your letters before publishing. You can use this service for personal reference or to continuously work on a project until you know it's ready to be published.

Let you Shout Into the Void.

We want you to be able to not only grow your writing, but grow through your writing. This feature encourages you to write not for the purpose of publishing, but for the purpose of gaining perspective and therapeutic growth with writing. We encourage you to explore experiences that are hard to talk about, or write letters to people you aren’t able to in person. With this feature we will take the burden of that letter and send it into the void!