Beparwaah Chalta Rahe

Last Song

Why did I write this whole thing? I think I’ve told you this before you but there aren’t enough words in any language for me to tell you how much you mean to me, to tell you how beautiful you are not just in looks but everything.

You’ve changed me, I go out more often. I don’t drink as much as I used to and I legit try to put my 100% in everything I do now. Your passion is so intoxicating that it’s contagious. If I were to die and be reborn I am sure my soul would come in search of yours just to understand what it’s like to live again. Because you are not perfect but you know how to make every moment perfect, how to make everything you touch perfect and you know how to live life in the most perfect way possible even when it doesn’t go your way.

I’m sorry if I’m a lot to deal with sometimes, I can get super annoying too. Thanks for putting up with me. You showed me a side of you that I never knew existed Tulika Goel and what a journey you’ve taken me on. Everything from how much you love your work, to how hard you work. When you couldn’t go to work after late-night practice but still made it on time, When it hurt your entire body to go back to practice but you still made it on time and when the world stood against you but you just cried and stood tall against it, You, my little soldier have shown me that life can throw anything it wants at us but it’s up to us to stand up.

You’ve taught me never to give up and you’ve taught me so much more. I fell for you, your body, your way of living but more than anything T I think I fell for your burning passion that never burns out.

Thank you, for showing there’s a lot more to life than living.

PS. When you showed me this song and the dance and told me the story behind it, I think that’s all there was to it. You showed me the passion you had in your heart and it immediately took me over.