This is firstly to say thank you Mr President for having deployed the SANDF and secondly to urge you to urgently do more, if the current and ongoing looting and destruction is really to be arrested and for it not escalate and spread further and beyond the damage already incurred.

Mr President a realisation ought to be made that although the deployment of the SANDF is most welcomed. But they are no different from mannequins with rifles that walk and stand on walkways on the streeats with looting occurring right before their eyes. Their deployment just to aide SAPS and for visibility or side walk presences, will not arrest any the looting and destruction of property, infrastructure, the economy, the escalation and spread of these acts of criminality and utter lawlessness.

If law, order, peace, calm and stability to are really to be restored and in real time by bring an immediate end to the ongoing looting, destruction of property, infrastructure and the economy, including and escalation and spreads of these unwanted crimes of lawlessness. The following further acts ought be implemented with immediate effect, without doubt, hesitation, questioning and delay: -

1. Institute some sort of a sate of emergency or curfew aimed or that will target the looters specifically.

2. Mannequin mode with rifles on the side walks that the soldiers have deployed to be and in few areas only for visibility defeats the purpose of quelling any unrest and stopping looting, destruction of property, infrastructure and economy.

3. The army must and should have been deployed in and around all the shopping centres, malls, CBD’s and on the key areas on the national roads such Mooi River Tollgate;

4. With powers to disperse looters and crowds with water canons, teargas, rubber bullets and stunt grenades.

5. Raid areas and arrest looters

6. Cordon off shopping centres, malls, CBD’S with razor wire for purposes of preventing further looting and destruction of property and to establish access control; and

7. 24/7 patrols in CBDs, around malls and shopping centres

8. Some soldiers must be on alert and on standby to be deployed in places such as Harrismith, Phuthaditjhaba, Bloemfontein. Ladysmith, Newcastle, Mafikeng and others.

President, there is no need to state the already known and the obvious, in that the country cannot afford another looting, destruction of property and infrastructure no matter how isolated and small it can be.

I trust that the President act as requested with any hesitation and delay.

Your sincerely

Gabriel J Miller