Open Letter To My Ex-Step

For eight of my formative years, you stepped up to the plate for a role that no one asked you to play. 

You weren’t there for my first breath, my first steps, or my first day of school. So I guess it shouldn’t shock me that you don’t want to be here now either. 

You were there for my first relationship and it’s downfall, you were there to help me get through losing a best friend, more than once. You dealt with the demons I was facing like they were your own. You were there when the emotions faded, I was an empty shell and you helped me find myself again.

You leant me your family, your home, your love. You made sure I had a roof over my head and food on my plate. You taught me that college wasn’t my only option to succeed. 

You were there for both of my graduations, my wedding, and my sons birth. So why does it feel like I’m a guest who over stayed their welcome whenever I’m near. When did game nights and Christmas invites turn into one word replies.

I know we’re not blood but you were still my dad for eight years. How did it go from seeing each other everyday to not even getting a happy birthday? 

I know you didn’t intentionally mean to cause this pain. I love seeing you happy, I’m glad you moved on from my mom. I hate feeling like someone you dodge in the grocery store.

I just miss when you were my dad.