Open Letter in Support of Johnny Depp

On June 1, 2022, Johnny Depp won his defamation case against ex Amber Heard. This trial showed that the last 6 years of believing Heard; the world was duped. It showed that everything she had done has all been a purposeful lie. Johnny Depp was the abused party in this case & relationship. The spinning done by mainstream media & fake feminist. It was eye opening and rightfully so. It showed that #MenToo can be victims as well & was an amazing inspiration for men who have been victims. Believe all women should be a thing of the past. Victims come in both genders. Assailants also come in both genders.

Many disagree with Depp supporters. People like A.O. Scott of The New York Times statements. Scott stated, “The vilification of Ms. Heard and ongoing online harassment of her and those who have voiced support for her have been unprecedented in both vitriol and scale.” The supporters of Heard think that it is okay to aim behavior they say they are against at others for disagreeing. Men deserve it, but a woman you better not say anything about their wrong doings. “Believe all woman!” the misandry believers states. Dr. Charlotte Proudman, a barrister in the UK when speaking about Depp vs. Heard says, “The evidence has got nothing to do with this case.” Author, Ella Dawson states; “Domestic violence isn’t something we should “both-sides.” “DV experts concluded Amber Heard was the victim.” What in the unjust system is this kind of thinking? I don’t see the close-minded views on things is the flex of supporters you think it is. Don’t believe your eyes and ears; only listen to me is their motto. Be blind to the truth and just see my truth. Well, that’s not how anyone should operate. Open your eyes, have an open mind, listen to what is happening. It is okay to be wrong and admit that; we are human.

I’ll agree there is plenty of misinformation. It is being spread by the media that can’t come to terms with being wrong. The evidence and verdict prove Depp did not abuse Heard. Misandry was happening (hate for men), not Misogyny. No one mocked any abuse; however, the lies and exaggeration of allegations were. You can’t mock something that never happened. If anyone is mocking a victim, it would be those crying wolf and no one believing the hoax. Society felt like we had been punked for 6 years. The industry didn’t protect Depp from 2016-2022. Depp endured all this hate on baseless and false lies created & plotted to destroy a person because she didn’t get her way. Depp was a get rich quick scheme. Heard supporters always say it was about entertainment & money for social media “grifters.” Depp supporters state in reply to that statement, mainstream media makes money as well. You make money on your viewership’s and advertising. You can say but we have journalistic integrity and ethics. To this I reply no- you do not have journalistic integrity or ethics- when you don’t report facts but your own agenda. Dave Brewer of Media Helping Media writes; “Integrity is essential if a journalist wants to investigate issues thoroughly in order to find the truth. A journalist with integrity can’t be bought, swayed, or influenced. They do not accept favors, bribes, or promises.”

Depp supporters and anti-mainstream media viewers are turning to legal commentary because we are learning the legalities & procedures of trials without having another person’s agenda & view being pushed on us. The lawyers and lawyer adjacent content are being drug through the mud for what? Is it jealousy, greed, ego, losing the narrative, mixture, or all the above? Since we looked at journalist integrity & ethics code; let’s see what a lawyer’s oath is. According to the American Bar Association, “A solemn attestation of the truth or inviolability of one’s words.” This is an oath that every new attorney on the day their license is received & is a condition to hold that law license. Which one seems to be held to a higher standard of integrity and ethics? Clue it isn’t those behind mainstream.

I stand with Johnny Depp! As a person against lies, gaslighting, & abuse- You should be condemned Amber. You tried to gaslight everyone and ruin a life. You tried to tell the jury, believe me or else you set a bad precedent that no woman can be believed without proof. You’re right it may have started a precedence. It was not because a man was believed & and you a female isn’t just automatically believed. It isn’t because an abuser won and is just further abused. The precedent that you, Amber Heard, set was that because of people like you lie about a horrible thing no one ever wants to go through. Heard made a mockery of victims & the legal system in 3 continents. You lied about donating to sick children. What kind of human being does that? A narcistic abuser, a liar, & a master at gaslighting.

I would like to think that every side should dislike Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Sexual Assault (SA), & Domestic Violence (DV). There should be zero in these statistics, but that’s far from reality. It would also be great if people could be taken at their word. It is just not the world we live in. Let’s look at reality with some statistics. For IPV: 1in every 9 men & 1 in every 4 women are victims. This meaning in a room of 10; 3 (1 male/2 females) will have suffered IPV. For DV: 1 in every 6-7 men & 1 in every 4 women are victims, equaling to about 757K men to 1.516M women. For SA: 1 in every 10 men & 1 in every 4 women are victims. Meanwhile false accusations are being made as well. Majority of the false rape allegations come from women for some “ulterior motive”. False accusations of SA are only about 10% of total allegations in rape cases. The problem is a bigger problem because it takes resources away from actual victims, destroys an innocent person’s life. Even after they are cleared & maybe sued, they will always be fighting against claims that were proven to be false/fake. It’s a forever lasting stigma tied to their name and image, which is usually what the person who made the false claim intended.

So, with looking at all the statistics as a whole; many if not all the signers of Heard’s open letter want to just look at the male percentage of victims and say they don’t matter- only woman victims’ matter. These people should be ashamed saying males aren’t true victims. Who cares about evidence & truth; Depp is a male with money & power- that apparently equals abuse. Quote from Jeanine Pirro, "Heard faced the “wrath of the truth finders,” “system of justice,” and “the civil system” from the verdict of the defamation trial." I say just because you don't like the outcome you got doesn't mean it is factual wrong. Facts don't care about feelings.