We need to do something about this.



There are too many people getting killed by something the founding fathers thought would protect us from other counties but instead, we use it on each other. Guns need stricter gun laws so people may feel safe going to school, grocery stores, and out with friends.

Dear American Voters

There is something terrible happening to this great country and we are the ones who are causing it to each other. On Gun Violence Archive this year there have been at least 160 mass shootings and more than 13,000 deaths caused by guns. There have also been 2 school shootings this year. Several people are protecting guns more than the people whose lives are being ruined. As this letter is being written there are more stories about a person with a gun shooting people. Some people are getting shot because of a misunderstanding like going to the wrong house by accident, going to the wrong driveway, or getting in the wrong car. Even though these vile acts have been committed this year alone. In other countries, it will take one vile act too for them to want to change and do something about it, so it does not happen again. In France, there was a terrorist attack which led the European government to make stronger regulations on deactivated guns after evidence shows that thought weapons were used in the attack.

There are several reasons why we should pursue gun control. One important reason is that there are children scared to go to school, fearing they will be shot at them. We also do not want to get shot in public because of our ethnicity or because someone thinks they are better than someone because of their race. These people sometimes do not even need a reason to shoot someone, they could just be having a difficult day and just want to make someone else’s worse. Even as this letter is being written there is a threat going around the phoenix union district and all students can notice the fear in the amount of people being absent from school.

As shown above, we need solutions for this problem this country is facing and the only ones who can do something are Americans voting for change. There are solutions to this problem. We should look to other countries to see what they are doing because this is an American problem. No other country is anywhere close to this being a problem for them as much as America. In the European Union, they implemented bans on semiautomatic assault weapons to more models, instituted medical checks for gun buyers, tightened sales on the internet, and tracked the resale of guns to foil black-market dealers. Vote for officials that are demanding gun control and want to keep the children safe and the public. Protest to demand that our officials do something instead of saying it and then take action to keep us safe. Another thing is to take away the guns from people who have committed domestic violence because, in most cases of shootings, the shooter had a violent past. A representative from Giffords talked about other countries like Germany having lots of gun owners but still having fewer gun crimes committed. He also brought up Japan and how they have one of the strictest gun laws with close to few gun crimes committed. The laws Japan has is something America with never have but America does not need to get rid of all its guns. These are just some things that will make America a safe place for you and the people you care about.