You've ruined everything

Yiruma - River Flows in You

You’ve ruined everything,

the smiles I have in the morning

to the laughs I have in the night

All the tears I have lost in mourning and

the endless battles I’ve had to fight

You’ve completely ruined other women

Because how could they ever come close

To your skin as pretty and soft as linen

And those eyes that I have fallen for the most

You’ve ruined the way I see this world, so awful.

Everything seems a little less sad now

The way you make me feel should be unlawful

You’ve ruined it all in the prettiest of ways, I don’t know how

The way you smell, the way you feel, and the way you are

Has taken a toll on my heart

I can tell that you’re out of this world, even from afar

Always in my dreams even when we’re apart

A day in heaven is a hundred days on Earth

That’s how the saying goes

But a moment spent with you is more than heaven's worth

This much even I think I know

So, smile love of mine

Because even if the world were to end

You’ll always be fine

Because in me you’ll always have a friend