To A. Holzemer former French teacher at Central HS in Memphis, TN Basically for any person whose words can hurt another person!!!

Here it is over 30 years later, and your snarly remark still resonates in my brain. When I came to you to inform you that I would be on homebound, and the way you turned up your nose in that nasty nasal tone of yours (supposedly a French accent) and asked me "what is my mother going to do with all those children" makes me cringe with anger even as I write this. I almost gave up my child because of you. Why would you tell a child something like that? Why would it be any of your concern? And then you adults wonder why so many children have such disrespect. Not one day passed as I was in your class did I EVER asked YOU or anyone else at that school to help me with my children. Your nasty ass comment made me isolate myself from people and made me ashamed of my existence. Having children NEVER once made me stop going to class or work, which I excelled in both! From the moment I found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time in less than a year at such an early age, I found work and haven't stop working since. If an adult isn't going to open thier mouth to say ANYTHING positive to a confused child or anyone, they shouldn't open thier mouth AT ALL! Critisim during a time of hardship and pain DOES NOT help. You don't know the impact of what your nasty words could do to any person. You don't know under WHAT circumstances I got the way that I did. I could have been raped for all you knew and just chose to keep the child. You didn't know ANYTHING about me! I really hated you for saying that to me. I actually wanted to slap you, but I did have a modicum of respect for my elders. And just think there are many more teachers that were like you and probably still is and people wonder why children are the way they are now. My son was born December 27th, 1988. I immediately returned to school and no ONE was concerned that I was back so soon. NO ONE asked about me nor my children's health or well-being. All I had was the grace of God and the wherwithal that I will show that BITCH what my mother is going to do with all those children....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! That was MY responsibility NOT my mother's! And I'm sure you went on with whatever life you had and all of this time I'm sure you didn't EVER have a thought to whatever became of that girl that had ALL THOSE CHILDREN!!!! Now those words make me laugh when I think about that time in French IV Class of '89!