The Unexpected

Estas Tonne - Song of the Golden Dragon

You came as such a surprise that it makes me wonder if you were ever a surprise at all. There is no reason for one person to feel like this much magic is in them and maybe there isn't but I can help myself from thinking there is. I've seen many great loves in my life, all of them like a raging storm filled with burning chaos but this might be the first time that it feels like a calming sea filled with so much peace it's impossible not to feel good all the time.

I am eternally grateful to whatever unseen force brought me to you, this journey of watching you go from being an annoying little shit to becoming an annoying little shit who I am okay with annoying me is just amazing and it’s so unfair that every moment I spend with you feels like everything else in the world just stops and all that’s left is me and you.

You are imperfectly perfect and I hope these letters tell you everything I want to tell you but never got to say it