We need to talk Justin

Justin Trudeau,

In light of the news that came out a couple of weeks ago concerning the vaccine mandate, I have a few things to say. I wonder if you’ll sympathize with a father of 3 or if you’re too far gone for that.

Here’s my situation at the present moment:

I’ve been on sick leave pretty much since the mandate was announced. My mental state deteriorated rapidly from October 6th, 2021, until my doctor pulled me from work in late October. The ensuing period didn’t get better. I had a psychotic break or a psychosis if you will in November 2021 because of this whole situation. I took advantage of the employee help program for psychotherapy sessions, 4 in total, and all that did was scratch the surface of what I’m dealing with and left me with more questions than answers. After those sessions, I got on multiple waiting lists to get back into therapy but like everything else right now, the waiting lists are very long. Great time to be a shrink right now it seems because a lot of people need one. This was back at the beginning of January. So, after getting on those waiting lists, I kept following my doctors’ recommendations to get better and for a short period, I felt like I was getting better. Then my sick days/holidays/family days ran out and I applied for long-term sick leave with Sunlife. As soon as the words vaccine mandate showed up in my doctor’s notes my request was denied. Because my condition was caused by the workplace vaccine mandate, they won’t cover me. I’ve appealed, we’ll see where that goes. At the moment, my psychiatrist has me on sick leave until July 1st. He categorically doesn’t want me going back to work because he does not believe I am anywhere ready and to be honest I’m not. I wasn’t ready when I was feeling better, but I felt like I was going in the right direction. When Sunlife denied my long-term sick leave request, that plunged my right back into a perpetual feeling of anxiety. I’m worse off now than I was before.

• I have had no income since February.

• There have been 0 salaries coming into my household for months now.

• I couldn’t go and get another job even if I wanted to, I’m not apt to work. My mind is in shambles.

• Even if I get a call back from a therapist, I can’t afford it.

• I’m currently in litigation against the government over the mandate.

• My grievance was shot down

• I was denied EI

I had to go through all of that plus,

• Being othered at work

• I had to sit in team meetings hearing about how “these idiots” who didn’t want to get “vaccinated” were the problem. Shortly after that, I had to expose myself as one of those idiots.

• I was and am discriminated against for my views, and my beliefs. For standing up for my god-given rights.

• I’ve been defamed and slandered by both my prime ministers but especially by you Justin, who labeled me, and I quote “misogynistic and racist”, telling Canadians “They are a small group that occupy a loud space and a decision needs to be made: do we tolerate these people?”

• I’ve been threatened to be taxed because I didn’t get the shot

• I’ve had fears of losing my children over the “Reckless” decision of not getting them injected.

• I’ve been labeled a bad parent because of my choices.

• I’ve been isolated from society.

• Made a prisoner in my own country

• I could go to a few stores including groceries (at one point I thought I would be barred there too). I couldn’t sign up my kids for a single activity. I couldn’t go to my gym to get healthy.

• I’ve been publicly attacked by my government.

• I’ve lost friends and family over this, most of who found out my private medical information because of work

All of this because I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to test an experimental, never been used on humans before, brand spanking new mRNA technology gene therapy sold to the public as a “vaccine” developed, tested, and approved in 11 months when the average new vaccine takes between 7 to 12 years to develop, test and approve for human use. Call me crazy (and they did), but since my age, health, and co-morbidity factors had me at 99.97% chance of surviving this thing, I wanted to wait and see more data on the situation before taking an injection with no history, no available data, other than the undisclosed, sealed trial data from the injection makers. I can say that potential side effects were a big concern of mine. And to add to that, the vaccine mandate was created and put in place for 3 reasons as mentioned in the covid19 policy:

The objectives of this policy are as follows:

3.1.1 To take every precaution reasonable, in the circumstances, for the protection of the health and safety of employees. Vaccination is a key element in the protection of employees against COVID-19.

3.1.2 To improve the vaccination rate across Canada of employees in the core public administration through COVID-19 vaccination.

3.1.3 Given that operational requirements may include ad hoc onsite presence, all employees, including those working remotely and teleworking, must be fully vaccinated to protect themselves, colleagues, and clients from COVID-19.

Seven months later, since the mandate officially came into effect, over twenty thousand employees contracted the disease in the workplace you were so hell-bent on keeping safe.

Reason 1

We now know for a fact the “vaccine” doesn’t stop you from getting covid, spreading covid, or even dying from covid. So as far as protecting the health and safety of employees in the workspace or anywhere else for that matter, being “vaccinated” accomplishes none of that and makes this reason moot, so scratch that reason off the list. Reason 1 disproven!

Reason 3

The third reason justifies why remote work from home arrangements will not be allowed for unvaccinated employees. It points back to reason 1 given that operational requirements may include ad hoc onsite presence from employees. So, reason 3 is essentially reason 1 with a twist to target teleworkers and is all about the health and safety of employees in the workspace. Still disproven!

Reason 2

I can’t argue with the second reason given by you gave us. By forcing civil servants to be “vaccinated” and offering them very little to no positive alternatives, the mandate delivered on reason 2 and got more people “vaccinated”. 66.6% of the reasoning behind this mandate has been debunked, soundly.

Now, 7 months after making this HUGE, life or death deal about getting “vaccinated” to prevent infections in the workplace even though 90% of the workforce was at home, we know that the “vaccines” don’t prevent infections, they could possibly make covid 19 symptoms less harsh and possibly prevent death. We know all the actual serious adverse effects and deaths that were recorded in Pfizer’s own trial data that had to be released by court order (we would have had to wait 75 years to see those documents if a freedom of information act hadn’t forced them to release it now). So now, only 7 months after being told why the government was imposing mass “vaccination” on all employees with next to way of being exempt, the same government is saying “Ok, no need to have the jab anymore” and you can all come back, business as usual.

Just like that, done. I went through all of this and for what? My family has had to endure all of this and for what? My kids lost the happy, fun-loving, upbeat dad they have always known, and for what? My marriage has been put through the wringer, and for what? My reputation has been soiled and for what?

Now as of last Monday, I can come back to work. But I can’t. This whole process has left me broken, disillusioned, angry, sad, confused, and in financial crisis. I feel betrayed by not only my employer but the ruling government. I have been made to feel less than because I have been pointed by the finger and told, I was less than. I have never, ever felt so abandoned in my life. And with all this said, I will probably have to ignore my doctor’s recommendations, ignore my state of being, and put aside all these feelings I have caused by this whole ordeal because I won’t be able to provide shelter and food for my 3 children, my wife and myself. I am completely lost in the middle of the ocean with nothing but my convictions, and no one coming to save me. I don’t know what to do at this point. I know what you would tell me, roll up my sleeve and do my duty, it’s safe and effective. But is it though? My duty I mean because at this point, everyone knows these injections are not effective and most people are becoming aware that they are far from safe.

I wonder if, in hindsight, the people you rallied against me are beginning to understand my foresight?