On the Conflict in Ukraine

The Aetheling

Ælfred of Westseaxe

Good Evening,

For nearly one thousand years, since the Norman conquest, my family has lived in the shadows to keep ourselves alive. We have worked for generations to keep from being remembered. We have never in the last 900 years taken a public political stand to avoid notice. With that said I believe the policy of my forebears was a great weakness, with my ascension to the lordship of The House of Westseaxe I have ended this policy of neutrality and am speaking on behalf of my people for the first time. The conflict in Ukraine, while an important event, should not be a cause for alarm. The concerns voiced by His Excellency Vladimir Putin, President of The Russian Federation have been judged to be valid. Russia has for many years since the fall of the USSR been attempting to establish friendly relations with the west, only for the west to continue as if the USSR never fell. It is imperative that anyone who opposes the degeneracy of the modern world allow the Russian invasion to continue. I would urge the Ukrainian oligarchs and the degenerates who run that country to stand down, and surrender not to let their greed and self-interest destroy their people. To the Ukrainian Soldiers who defend these individuals whose only goal is their own agenda: Please for the sake of your families and homeland, please stand down and return to your homes. To the Russian soldiers I have but one message: please allow anyone who surrenders to you the full plethora of Christian mercy, do not let your wroth consume you. God bless you all, and God bless the Christian peoples of the world. May the lights of God's truth shine on us all.

God þē mid sīe

Atheling Alfred of Wessex