Oh, Peace of mine

Dean Martin - Heaven Can Wait

There’s this saying that the moon is so beautiful that the sun kills itself every day to let her rise. It sounded so stupid cause like koi logic nahin tha but the more time I spent with you I started getting it, It was never about the sun dying no… It was always meant to talk about how truly beautiful the moon is. The sun was just a side character waiting to watch this beauty step into the light and shine because no matter how many beautiful things come into the play The Moon would always be the most beautiful, artistic, and terrific thing in the theatre of the night sky.

The stars, the clouds even the seas, and the earth are just side characters in comparison to her. She might not know how beautiful she is but even now and for the last millennia, no one could stop looking at the moon because she provides strength, peace, power, and most of all she provides comfort.

All of this was not about the moon.

Being around you baby boo is like an adventure that doesn’t have an ending, the twists the turns the magic! It’s all just so!

I know you love to travel a lot, but every time I’m around you it’s like I’m in a whole new destination experiencing new things and new feelings that I didn’t think I could.