Open letter to Mopeli Fabiane

My hater Mopeli Fabiane,

The most unfortunate part of my story is that someone whose mind blanks out at the beginning of a lecture, someone who seeks attention with the false stories about his health (that there are blood clots in his veins), someone who had nearly lost his job after slapping a lady at KayCee Bar, is trying to tell me that I was irrelevant and my work doesn't have any impact! Mopeli Fabiane, you are mentally unstable. You have been found at odd places in odd hours by many people in Roma, you have often been driven home heavily drunk… Your stories are famous all around the valley but not because you are a top scientist!

You needs help, and urgently. And this is something many people in and around NUL say about you, not just me.

I don't know what wrong have I done to you that has offended you so much that you are unable to control yourself from attacking me personally on social media!

There was a time you spent hours in my office telling me your personal stories, family issues and health-challenges you were facing. You had told me that there were blood-clots in your veins and if any of those would reach your heart, or brain, you might die (you have told the same stories to others too, for example, to N’tate Lekau)!

You had told that your brain often blanked-out and you completely forgot where you were and what you were doing (you had cited examples, such as this one: Something like that happened to you after lunch that day when you were watching TV and suddenly fell asleep…).

You had told me that your wife (who is a medical doctor) wanted you to move to Pretoria but you didn’t want… That you helped her financially when she was doing her medical degree, but after graduating she changed…, You were taking care of your son alone.., and she wanted you to leave your job… this… that… You had shared all these stories sitting right in front of me, wasting my and your time. Your talked often extended even after the regular office hours!

You seem to have forgotten all of that… Don’t you?

You seems to have conveniently forgotten that as a Head, I was the one who had helped you save your job when the then DSA was behind you, asking for appropriate action be taken against you.

You had violently attacked a young lady at KayCee Bar.

It was a police case.

It was a case of violence against women.

Late Prof Ramollo (the then Dean) was clueless why a Senior Lecturer would go drink at an off-campus bar, which is full of students, and at such late hours (after 8.00 PM perhaps)!

The victim of your outrageous behaviour happened to be a student of NUL (I still have copies all the documents with me, including her post-abuse medical report, and I will not hesitate to make them public, if required). It was really tough, and I, along with the Dean, had to spend some good time drafting a response to the DSA’s letter. So, you were saved. Your job was saved!

For what? You started mis-interpreting my messages on WhatsApp Group (and I had to leave the Group). You fabricated stories against me. Called me names on social media… You even mocked my health related challenges!!! Why?

I am indeed bitter because I have lost my job. You have a job, but are you any sweeter? What is your problem?

You tell people that I have attitude problem. But that's my defense mechanism. I have been attacked mentally, psychologically and socially. I think I have the right to defend myself… So I distanced myself from everything. Then you and your well-wishers started calling me ‘loner’ and 'bitter' and this and that!

You, along with your ring-master BM Taele, have already caused me some serious damages, and there is no reason why I should not expose your real faces to everyone. After all you claim you are such a big scientist…!

You started seeing me as a threat! Just like your boss Taele, who was so scared of my academic progress that he had campaigned and influenced everyone to vote against the second-term of my headship. Otherwise, everything was quite good until 23rd August 2018. Those who failed to see and appreciate this difference have already shown their understandings and characters.

Why? What's the problem? Only because I had straightaway denied you favours of including your name in my papers unless you contributed. Was this my fault! But then I had also advised you to take my samples to Pretoria and perform certain measurements so that we could write and publish joint papers. You never did that, and now you are questioning my intentions. Mentoring doesn't mean including names arbitrarily in publications. It is unethical in my humble opinion.

When I went on my medical leave, you were supposed to teach my course. I had realized after coming back that you had not taken a single lecture! Students were worried and only when I shared my notes and past years' papers, you were able to finish the course in a haste. Good!

Now you are telling me, and others, what is right and what is wrong. You are telling that my work is irrelevant...!

How many samples have YOU synthesized at NUL?

How many of YOUR ‘relevant research papers’ have come out of NUL laboratories?

I'm sorry to say but you don’t even qualify to understand my work. It would need some acumen, some open-mindedness and some scientific perspective to appreciate what I have done… but unfortunately, your brain blanks-out at a moment when it is most required. I would be a fool if I expect anything positive from you. You may be a great scientist but you have a terribly sick mind.

If NUL is happy with such reckless employees, it’s fine… I have nothing to say… .