To my dearest..

I don't even know how this platform works but it's the best alternate I could find so here we go..


I'm so happy to have had you come into my life this year and cannot wait to start a new life with YOU. Your humbleness brings peace and serenity to my day even in the toughest of ones. Your cute attitude and jokes ALWAYS brighten my day and that SMILE - I absolutely love. Never stop smiling. It’s the curve that sets everything straight.

I know things got a little "rocky" this past week and prof season is never fun nor easy but you are powering through and being AMAZING through it all. I am sure you’re going to crush all these challenges and blow it all away with terrific results. Small, turbulent times for a lifetime of success. Your perseverance and dedication towards matters that are material make me so proud and excite me to have you as a life partner. You should be proud of yourself too!  :)

In these slightly colder times I sent you a small present to keep you warm and comfy since I can’t give you a hug myself. There’s an apple juice box too as promised!

As always, your health, happiness and some wealth too (I’m a finance guy, can’t help it :P) are in prayers and duas. InshAllah you’re going to walk away so much stronger! Let me know if you need anything, I’ll always have your back! (It’s what the brutal back w.o’s are for!)

Take care, I’ll talk to you soon inshAllah.