Resolution of Ukrainian conflict – Open Letter to President Putin & President Zelenskyy

Resolution of Ukrainian conflict – Open Letter to President Putin & President Zelenskyy

Why am I writing this letter? I am 47 years old. I have been fortunate to live my life without a major world war. I wish the same for my two boys. Having explained the crisis to my 10 year old, I asked him who would win this war? He replied with one single word “Nobody”

Justification for invasion. I don’t wish to discuss blame as it will not help achieve a resolution. It is important to understand the underlying reasons and thus my proposal.

Russia has a right to protect it’s own people, whether those are in Russia, Ukrainians (who identify as Russian), or Russians living abroad (countries have foreign embassy’s for this reason). I believe President Putin has two concerns here. The pushing of NATO towards his borders and the people in the regions of Donbas (ongoing conflict since 2014). These are valid concerns, the U.S did not like missiles in Cuba for good reason.

Was the solution to invade? Not in my opinion and certainly it has been overtly excessive. The collective international voice seems to be in agreeance. I believe President Putin wished to demonstrate where his “red-line” was and a show of strength to the Ukraine/West. I also suspect President Putin will push for independence of the Donbas region.

The Solution:

Russia is the aggressor in this situation, it is therefore up to them to make the first move.

1. Withdraw forces to the Donbas region. If President Putin’s own claim of “not wishing to occupy Ukraine” is true, then he has already shown his resolve and his “red line”

2. Agree to a total ceasefire by both Ukraine and Russia.

3. Immediate assistance/evacuation/temporary shelter to those civilians that require it

4. Ukrainian official statement regarding not joining NATO. (nobody is winning WW3)

5. Independence or border changes are not on the table. We cannot redraw territories due to conflict. Ukraine is a sovereign state!

6. Dual citizenship for people of Donbas, with free travel and trade between Russia & Ukraine

7. The Govt Admin building in Kharkiv (destroyed by missile) to be rebuilt by Russia . This building shall be re-purposed as the joint Russia/Ukraine centre for trade relations.

8. Increase in % tariff received by Ukraine for gas transported through Russian pipelines to pay for damages caused to infrastructure.

9. All international trade restriction to be removed immediately. Trade sanctions do not work! (e.g North Korea) They simply hurt the poorest people in the effected country. Trade sanctions are the precursor to larger wars (Japan WW2)

10. Once ceasefire has been honoured (2 months). Russia to withdraw all military from Ukraine.

The key point (7) is highlighted in bold, I believe the Ukraine can be the European version of East meets West (Hong Kong was to China).

When we make concessions we rarely come to solutions. When we make agreements we make not only peace but prosperity!


Grant Foggo

P.s If you still can’t reach agreement – I suggest a nice game of chess (winner takes all)

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